Lighters Restored

Eldred No 3A

Al Cigar 1

Al No 2Al No 3

Klein Restore 2

Klein Restore 1






Midland 05123Wizard




Spark coil restored

Music Box repairLighter No 6

Before and after21Before Midland8Before and after22Humidor

Eldred restored Elred restored

Restored Midland 4 Restored Midland 5


Restored MidlandRestored Jeff lighterBeforeafter129161Before 127480

117805AMolley lighter

Lighter before and after No 9

Restored No 2

Restored No 3 Lighter restored Rev5 Lighter restored rev7


Eldred6Restored Eldred3Wrigley

Restored No 4Eldred Lighter

Resoted No 5

Restored No 6Torch tip restored

8 thoughts on “Lighters Restored

  1. How much do you charge to rebuild a Midland jump start coil and then will it work with a 6 volt lantern battery? Do you sell the porcelain insulators and wire assembly also?


  2. I acquired this midland cigar lighter from my
    Grandfather and would like to sell it. I can send pics just tell me where. Terry at [714]499-8507


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